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Solar Technology

Air conditioning with solar energy.


Air conditioning uses more electricity in the summer than in the winter because the compressor must work longer to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or work place.  A solar thermal collector assists the compressor by using heat from the sun to reduce the workload on the compressor.  The lighter workload uses less electricity which lowers your utility bill and lengthens the life of the compressor.  So, it makes good sense to install a thermal collector system if the cost is affordable.  The US Government and the LA legislature is offering assistance with the cost by giving tax credits, up to 68%, for the cost of qualified energy saving equipment in homes.  Example:  qualified equipment cost of $25,000 minus $17,000 government tax credit means the homeowner pays $8,000 for a $25,000 system.  What a deal!

A Louisiana homeowner can use their federal and state taxes to buy energy saving equipment that will lower their utility bill and extend the life of their air conditioner.  

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