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Conserve Energy

Ways to cutback on utility bills and reduce air conditioning repairs.


As a homeowner, have you considered how many hours your air conditioning system runs during the summer months or the heating system during the winter months?  With that in mind, compare that time to the hours your vehicle runs each day.  If you do not service your vehicle regularly, problems occur.  HVAC systems are similar equipment that must be serviced if you expect efficient operation and equipment longevity.  Filters must be changed often, and equipment must be cleaned if you want reasonable utility bills and minimal repairs.



Return air filters must be changed often so that dirt does not enter the system and build up on the cooling coil.  A dirty coil reduces the amount of cool air that can flow into the house.  Also, a dirty filter will limit the air supply to the cooling coil.  A limited air supply can cause the coil to feeze over thereby stopping the air flow and over working the compressor in the outside unit.

The outside unit (condenser) accumulates dust and debris from operating outdoors (pollen, insects, leaves, grass clippings, etc.).  A dirty condenser will limit the air flow that cools the compressor which reduces the compressor's efficiency, and increases the probability of compressor failure.  Insects entering the unit can cause the switching mechanism to fail resulting in a system stop.

You, the homeowner, can do the following items and increase your HVAC efficiency, lower your utility bills, and reduce air conditioning repair costs.

-  change your return air filters frequently

-  sprinkle insecticide around the outside unit several times a year

-  prevent vegetation from getting close to the outside unit

- clean the outside condenser unit*

*The outside condenser unit must be turned off at the electric panel before cleaning, and allowed to dry for 15 minutes before turning the power back on.  The cleaning process can be accomplished by spraying the "fins" of the unit with a garden hose.  Be careful to not spray with too much pressure as the "fins" are easily bent.

If you do not want to do these things yourself, call Pruitt's Air Conditioning and Heating about our annual service agreements and let us do this for you.  318-388-3400

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