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HVAC Maintenance vs Vehicle Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance is very important!

Our vehicles and HVAC equipment are some of the most important and expensive equipment we will ever buy.  Both are vital to our daily lives and both require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs and discomfort.

Most people use their vehicles 1-2 hours each day and get scheduled maintenance (oil,filters,etc.) every 3-4 months.  If this maintenance is not done, a breakdown will probably occur.  We use our HVAC systems all day, every day and rarely schedule much needed maintenance (coil cleaning, filters, freon,etc.) until the system is no longer working. In addition to causing breakdowns, dirty equipment strains to maintain the desired temperature, causing increased utility usage, which results in a higher utility bill, plus excessive wear on the equipment.  Give your air conditioning system the same treatment that you give your vehicle and live smarter/better.

A maintenance agreement will save you money and discomfort by having scheduled seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system twice per year.  Call Pruitt's today and get seasonal maintenance scheduled for your AC system just like you do for your vehicle.  388-3400

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