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Second Opinion

The air in your home is vital to your comfort and existence. With something this important, we believe it is in your best interest to call Pruitt Air Conditioning & Heating and get a second opinion. We offer this service at no charge or obligation to you. Do yourself a favor and call today. 318-388-3400

Products and Services

  • Free Estimates or Second Opinions
  • Seasonal Maintenance Agreements
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • HVAC repair
  • Commercial & Residential Air
  • Air Duct Cleaning and Replacement
  • Solar Thermal Air Conditioning &
  • Solar Energy Panels
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Standby Generator Installation &


In today's world, a healthy climate in your home is more important than ever before, for you and your family's well being. The Pruitt's are experts at putting together suggestions that will make your home a better place to live. Combine this expertise with the amazing improvements that have occurred in air conditioning and air purifiers over the last five years, and you have an amazing opportunity that's just a phone call away. Visit our testimonial page and see for yourself.


A too hot or too cold business is not pleasant and does not promote profit or efficiency. Pruitt's Air Conditioning & Heating installs and maintains many of the rooftop and conventional AC systems in the malls, shopping centers, and office buildings in our area. We have the equipment, expertise, and staff to solve your problems immediately. Give us a call. You will be glad you did.

Pruitt's Air Conditioning & Heating

Service: (318) 388-3400 | Office and Billing: (318) 381-3400

We are your second opinion. If you need a second opinion, fill out the form below, or call us and we'll come out to give you a free estimate. You have a choice when it comes to AC service and repair, so don't settle for less. Get a second opinion from Pruitt's. It won't cost you a dime to find out if we can save you thousands!

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