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Pruitt's Air Conditioning and Heating

Pruitt's Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving northeast Louisiana for over 30 years, and is qualified to service and install all types of HVAC systems. Jeff, Jeromy, and Chad Pruitt are the owners and operators, and are commited to providing "satisfaction guaranteed" services to our customers. You trust us with your most important asset - your home. So ensuring that our technicians are people you can trust and rely on is our top priority.

Pruitt's Air Conditioning and Heating is licensed by the State of Louisiana for HVAC and Solar Technologies. We are the only contractor licensed for solar panels, thermal collectors, and solar hot water systems.

Jeff Pruitt started his AC business in 1982 in Monroe, LA with one truck and determination. Later as the business grew, his son Jeromy and his nephew, Chad, joined the business. Jeff now has numerous service vehicles, employees, and an office. Their honesty, hard work ethic, and determination to satisfy their customers have become the foundation of a successful business.

Why Us

We take pride in finding ways to save our customers' money. If we can find an economical way to fix a system that is malfunctioning, we will fix it rather than replace it. We are strong advocates of regular maintenance to preserve the life of your system, and highly recommend our yearly maintenance agreement to service your system twice a year. Pruitt's Air Conditioning and Heating is licensed by the State of Louisiana, and all of our employees are insured. We guarantee satisfaction to our customers and service within 24 hours once called.

Our Team

Pruitt Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning | Service: (318) 388-3400 | Office and Billing: (318) 381-3400