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Solar Thermal Air Conditioning and Heating, Solar Energy Panels, & Solar Hot Water

All of the above solar technologies are being promoted with tax incentives that can reduce your cost for this equipment by 80%. Jeff Pruitt is licensed by the state of Louisiana to install and maintain all of these systems.


Air Duct Cleaning and Replacement

Our area has a climate that promotes mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in air systems. Pruitt's is very familiar with this problem and has the solution.


Air Conditioning and Heat

Air Conditioning & Heating

Pruitt's has extensive experience installing systems in new construction as well as replacement of worn out systems. We take pride in doing our job in a manner that will be clean, quiet, and respectful of the occupants.


Seasonal Maintenance Contracts

Climate systems for home or business are costly, and your equipment needs servicing to perform efficiently and prolong the system's life. Our Maintenance Agreements will do this and ensure that you don't forget.



Stand-by Generator Installation and Maintenance

Severe weather in our area can make your home very uncomfortable, kill your aquarium, thaw your freezer, and force you to temporarily close your business. Protect yourself with a generator system from Pruitt's.


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